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During his visit to the Yellow House in Arles, Van Gogh painted this artistic creation in his room. He arranged the room himself with straightforward furnishings and with his own work on the wall. The brilliant varieties were intended to communicate outright ‘rest’ or ‘rest’. Research shows that the unequivocally differentiating colors we find in the working environment today are the aftereffect of staining throughout the long term. The walls and entryways, for example, were initially purple as opposed to blue. The evidently odd point of the back wall, in the meantime, isn’t a slip-up on Van Gogh’s part – the corner truly was slanted. The principles of point of view appear not to have been precisely applied all through the composition, however, this was an intentional decision. Vincent told Theo in a letter that he had purposely ‘straightened’ the inside and left out the shadows so his image would look like a Japanese print. Van Gogh was exceptionally satisfied with the artistic creation: ‘When I saw my materials again after my sickness, what appeared to be the best was the room

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